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Topsoil Suppliers in Cornwall

Next day lawn turf in Cornwall

Cornwall Lawn Turf offer next day lawn turf delivery throughout all regions of Cornwall.

We also offer next day delivery on our dumpy bags of loam topsoil.

We opperate 3 of our own turf trucks including 2 smaller Ford Transits and a 26 ton lorry for to cope with large orders.

Many of our orders, particularly the next day deliveries are carried out by Intercounty Distribution of Launceston. We have been working with Intercounty Distribution since 2009 and and their faultless pallet delivery service has enabled us to deliver further and faster.

All of our turf is cut to order to ensure it is delivered Fresh and Healthy.


Delivery of garden Turf in Cornwall

Cornwall Lawn Turf can offer delivery of our lawn turf across the UK. Our turf is requested by some of the most highly acclaimed landscape architechts across the country and for that reason, we have had to offer this nationwide service, now extended to all customers.

While many of our turf deliveries are carried out by our own trucks, your delivery may be sent with Intercounty Distribution and unloaded by tail lift.

Intercounty Distribution use dolly type pallet trucks which are not capable of taking pallets over curbs, up steep hills or over loose surfaces such as gravel driveways or grass verges.

All orders of dumpy bags will be delivered by Intercounty Distribution unless otherwise arranged. The dumpy bags are unloaded from a tail-lift and not by a lorry mounted crane.

Call to order your turf: 0800 917 9878